THIS ARE THE TEN FOLLOWING RIGHTS OF THE PATIENTS (with some additional rights, but don’t be confused you can ignore it.):

researched and explained by: Eurico

Remember that: A patient’s rights occur at many different levels, and at all specialties.

1. Right Patient regarding to the right patient to be administered a medication.

2. Right Medication regarding to the right medication to be administered to a patient.

3. Right Dosage right and enough dose.

4. Right Route medication should take on it’s real time matter of way. (if must to be taken oral, it should be taken orally.)

5. Right Time should be according on right time. ( if it should be taken by 7 in the morning in should be taken on 7 in the morning.)

6. Right Documentation right input  of information,  data, and  details.

7. Right Client Education right health teaching.

8. Right to Refuse right to reject medication.

9. Right Assessment right to determine real illness. ( examination)

10. Right Evaluation right examination and right judgment. (finalized examination )


. right to receive information

.right to make decisions regarding the health care that is recommended

.right to courtesy, respect, dignity, responsiveness, and timely attention to health needs

.right to confidentiality

.right to continuity of health care

.right to have adequate health care


I think we should add another official right on the “TEN RIGHTS OF THE PATIENT IN HAVING MEDICATION”.

and that is RIGHT EXPIRY DATE”.